At ORAL EXPRESS we have the best benefits, designed especially for you. Get to know them!

Oral Express Preferential Card
Ask for your Oral Express Card now and get special discounts on all general and specialized dentistry services.
  • Nocturnal dental emergencies
  • 2 prophylaxis and 2 stone removals every 6 months.
  • Special discounts on all services
  • Periapical radiographs
  • Direct consultation with specialists
  • Valid for one year
Referral Plan
Ask in all our clinics for the referral plan and you can win many prizes
  1. Bring one (1) referral to ORAL EXPRESS and you will earn 2 repairs if you are in orthodontics or one (1) aesthetic resin. (surface)
  2. With two (2) referrals, earn one (1) orthodontic control or a $60,000 bonus for dental treatment
  3. If you refer three (3) people you can claim one (1) orthodontic retainer or a $100,000 bonus for dental treatment
  4. If you bring four (4) people with you, you get one (1) laser teeth whitening for free
  5. For 5 referrals you earn 50% of the initial fee for conventional orthodontics + one (1) retainer or a $250,000 bonus for dental treatment.

For the referral plan, the prizes are not cumulative. If a patient has a referral that starts treatment of more than $250,000, they can claim what corresponds to the number of referrals or if they wish, they can continue accumulating patients to be able to reach the highest prize, which is a $250,000 bonus in dental treatment, once you claim a prize, you will participate again from scratch.

We invite you to schedule an assessment appointment to give you advice on the treatment you want or require, we have offices nationwide. Come visit us and learn about all our services, contact our unique line.