Orthodontics is a dental specialty that studies, prevents and corrects developmental disorders, the shapes of the dental arches and the position of the jaws, in order to restore the morphological and functional balance of the mouth and face, also improving facial aesthetics.

Invisible braces
Invisible orthodontics are transparent plates that are perfectly adhered to the teeth, being an aesthetic alternative that allows the patient to remove them when eating and brushing their teeth.The plates are made by means of a scan of the patient’s mouth that changes each time the teeth align.
There are several reasons for orthodontics.
Some alterations are hereditary, while others are acquired.
  • Dental crowding
  • Gap toothed
  • Inverted bite
  • Protruding upper teeth (far forward)
  • Supernumerary (extra) teeth
  • Dental agenesis (missing teeth)
Care tips for orthodontics
  1. Take great care of your oral higiene
    Establish a brushing routine to ensure you keep your mouth healthy and your braces thoroughly clean
  2. Attend scheduled controls
    The appointments usually depend on the treatment, although they are usually between 4 or 6 weeks. Appointments are scheduled by your dentist, to avoid delays in treatment and are essential to change and maintain the proper pressure of the ligatures or the arch.
Types of orthodontics
  • Conventional orthodontics (metal brackets)
  • Ceramic orthodontics
  • Self ligating orthodontics (metallic and ceramic)
  • invisible braces
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